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Brendan’s Movie World Premieres At SBFF

Thanks to selwyncir for the first part of the news information. I went onto the Santa Barbara Film Fesival site and found the information for tickets in case anyone was interested


Friday, 3/2, 9 PM; Tuesday, 3/6, 3 PM�
Metro 4 Theatre, 618 State Street

USA, 2000, color, 35mm, 1:30

Director: Dana Lustig;
Producers: Dana Lustig, Ram Bergman, Carole Curb Nemoy,
Mike Curb; Screenwriter: Annette Goliti-Gutierrez;
Cinematographer: David Ferrara;
Editor: Gabriel Wyre;
Main Cast: Selma Blair, Max Beesley, Brendan Fehr, D.
W. Moffett

This hip chase/romantic thriller celebrates
the strange twist of fate that brings two unlikely
soulmates together.

Shawn (Selma Blair) is a depressed
20-something whose life seems to be going nowhere.
She�s been having a dead-end affair with her married
boss (D. W. Moffett), and is fed up. Impulsively, she
decides to jump off the roof of the bank where she

As she gets ready to make the leap,
charming ne�er-do-well Charlie (Max Beesley) is trying
to pull off a heist that will finance his dream of
living on a tropical island. When plans go awry and
Charlie makes a fast exit to the roof of the bank,
Shawn strikes a deal with him: She�ll help him get away
if he promises to kill her later. He agrees, but never
plans to follow through with his end of the bargain.

Together, they begin a race against time as
the police relentlessly hunt them down. As she gets to
know Charlie better, Shawn realizes she just might have
something left to live for. But she�s made a bargain�
and how can she back out of it now? WORLD PREMIERE

About the director: KILL ME LATER is Lustig�s second
directorial effort.

—Holly Thro

Now through February 28: Individual Tickets for film screenings may be purchased in advance at the Arlington Ticket Agency for $8.00 each. Film title, date and time are required at the time of purchase. The ticket holder must arrive 30 minutes before show time to be guaranteed seating. No refunds or exchanges.

Now through March 11: Rush Tickets will be available at the Arlington Ticket Agency in groups of six for $48.00. These tickets are sold as standby general admission tickets and do not guarantee entrance to the film(s) of choice. Please arrive at least 30 minutes before show time for best results. These tickets afford you priority over anyone purchasing at the door. No refunds or exchanges.

Tickets sold at the door 25 minutes before show time are $8.00 each. Tickets for Students and Seniors with valid ID are $6.00 for all regular film screenings that start before 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday. No discounts are available on weekends.

To purchase tickets:

Arlington Ticket Agency
(805) 963-4408
1317 State Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93101