Various “Sightings” Of Cast Members

Thanks to Brooke for this:

The man that played “Hal Carver” in the ep “Summer of ’47” has
a small role in the flick ‘SIlence of the Lambs.’ He plays a security
guard that is to watch over Hannibal Lector in Baltimore. But, sadly
enough, he is killed at the end of the scene. His scene is very graphic, I
do not recommend young fans to watch it. After all, Hannibal Lector does
eat people.

Thanks to Clare for this:

Hey just thoght id pass on that katherines move THAT NIGHT is on City Tv (toronto) right now (1:00 thursday) im sure they will be repeating it because city always does.

Thanks to LJM for this:

I was watching Encore last night and I saw William Sadler in Tales from
the Crypt. I didn’t watch the whole thing, so I don’t anything about the
character he played.

Thanks to Sara for this:

I have a cast sighting and I didn’tn know where to put it. I saw
William Sadler aka Sherif Valenti, on Tales from the Crypt presents Demon
Knight, on Encore last night. He plays Frank, a good guy trying to kill the

Thanks to Jackie for this:

I was watching the movie Dick with Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams
and the guy that plays Sean DeLuca, Maria’s cousin, is in it and he plays
Kirsten Dunst’s brother who’s like a pothead and gives them the “secret
recipe” for the Hello Dolly cookies with the weed in them. LoL. I thought it
was really funny cuz he played like a stoner and then like a rebel on Roswell
but it was cool, he also had longer hair.

Thanks to LJM for this:

Did anyone notice Shiri in the movie “The Other Sister.” She’s the one
who directs Juliette Lewis’s character to the cosmetics counter.