Desmond In FHM

Thanks to Michael for this:

An update on Desmond Askew aka Brody Davis:

In the American April 2001 issue of FHM, Desmond Askew
appears on page 137 in an ensemble picture with
Clifton Collins Jr., Matt Schulze, and Simon Rex.

On page 139 is a separate picture of Desmond in an
orange shirt and the following caption:

Desmond Askew
Age: 21
Style: The prickly Brit
History: After debuting in a Cadbury’s commercial at
the age of 8, Askew went through all the usual British
actor rites of passage. But just as the work dried up
in London, he landed a plum role in Doug Liman’s Go,
and relocationed to Los Angeles. “In London, I
couldn’t get arrested, but here, people were
interested in meeting me just because I was playing
Simon in Go.”
Up next: Currently shooting a recurring role on the
sci-fi hit Roswell, having just completed filming in
Repli-Kate, from the makers of American Pie, due out
later in the year.
Hard luck story: “I’ve done my share of crap in the
past. When you’re young you don’t really know good
from bad. I was also a butcher at a grocery store for
a while.”
On Hollywood: When I arrived in LA, I steppeed off the
plane and went straight into a meeeting on the Sunset
Strip with the director of Go. I sat there facing a
dozen people auditioning me, trying to concentrate on
the character, and all I’m thinking is, “Fucking hell,
I’m in Hollyowood.”