The WB Updates Site With new Roswell Info (Spoilers)

Thanks to Jake for this. There are spoilers ahead so be forewarned Site has updated their Media section and Roswell Information, the
official description for “Off The Menu” which is airing April 16th says:

After Brody (guest star Desmond Askew) is electrocuted, he remembers his
alien abduction and takes Max (Jason Behr), Tess (Emilie de Ravin) and Maria
(Majandra Delfino) hostage for answers, and in an effort to save everyone Max
“heals” him, inadvertently allowing him to remember his love for Tess (Emilie
de Ravin).

Shiri Appleby, Katherine Heigl, Brendan Fehr, Colin Hanks, Nick Wechsler and
William Sadler also star. Patrick Norris directed the episode written by
Garrett Friend & Russell Lerner.

Also, they added commentary from William Saddler on the episodes DISTURBING

And lastly, the writers commentary has been added for VIVA LAS VEGAS, and
they explain here that it was supposed to be a Tess and Liz episode. (link: