Viva Las Vegas Review

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I found the Review of ”Viva Las Vegas” in a site, but turn out that the
producers have must cut some scenes perhaps because this episode was too
long, because if you read it, Liz is suppose to tells Tess that they are
going to figure out a way to get back into the casino…
so here i send you the Review.

February 26th
Written by Gretchen J. Berg & Aaron Harberts, Directed by Bruce Seth Green

Michael has been having nightmares for a couple of weeks after getting shot.
He shows up at Max�s room in the middle of the night with a duffel bag and
tells Max that they are leaving, that he needs to get out of town for a
couple of days. He tells Max that he�s been having nightmares and that they
need to have some fun. Michael wants to leave right away, but Max insists
that they have to come up with a plan to cover their tracks. Michael
reluctantly agrees. Max asks where they are going and Michael says �A place
without rules. Without responsibilities. A place to forget your troubles. A
city of dreams.�

They end up going to school so they can set up a cover story. When they get
to school Max and Michael are discussing the money Michael got from Laurie�s
aunt and uncle. Max is trying to convince Michael that they don�t need to
use all the money for this trip. Michael says that the money was a bribe and
it�s tainted so he doesn�t want it. He thinks that it�s the money that�s
haunting him. Isabel overhears them talking about going somewhere. (BTW the
script mentions something about Isabel�s hair being shorter � I wonder if KH
got a haircut?) She asks Max where they are going and he tells her and she
invites herself along. One thing leads to another and the rest of the gang
finds out about the trip. (Liz doesn�t want to go and explains to Maria that
the reason she doesn�t want to go is because that�s where she and Max were
married. Maria tries to convince Liz that the whole wedding thing never
happened and that she needs to create her own memories.)

They get to Vegas and Maria has set them up in this huge suite (the
Presidential Suite). Michael tells them they all need fake ids so he changes
all of their licenses and gives them all drink names as aliases (Kyle is
Harvey Wallbanger, Maria is Margarita Salt, Max is Rob Roy, Liz is Shirley
Temple, etc.) Michael names himself Doctor Love Michael hand each of them
some money and tells them they have to spend it all in Vegas. Michael tells
them the he and Max �run alone� and if they run into them in the casino that
they should leave them alone.

The four girls go into the casino and Maria bails and says she�s going to
the spa. Isabel heads for the tables and Liz and Tess follow along but they
are stopped by a security guard and they get thrown out of the casino for
being underage. Alex, Kyle and Isabel end up at a blackjack table and Kyle
is trying to explain the game to Isabel. She ends up losing the round and
gets up to leave telling them that she�s going to look for something else.
Alex loses all of his money in one hand. Maria comes up with some sort of
flyer for auditions and asks Alex if he will be her accompanist. Alex
doesn�t want to do it but Maria tells him she�ll give him all her money if
he helps her so he agrees.

Max and Michael are playing craps and are doing really well. Michael is
trying to explain the game to Max, but Max tells him that he�s just going to
watch. Michael is having an amazing winning streak. Maria comes up to tell
him about the audition but he blows her off so she leaves. The stickman at
the craps table and the pit boss start to get suspicious.

Liz and Tess are now outside the casino trying to figure out what to do now.
Tess is griping about being stuck in the party capital of the world with Liz
when a taxi pulls up that has an ad for the Elvis Chapel and Liz gets upset
and starts yelling at Tess and tells her that they are going to figure out a
way to get back into the casino.

Isabel is sitting at a slot machine and a woman in a stained wedding dress
sits down next to her. Traci (the bride) tells Isabel that her maid of honor
got food poisoning and that some dumb Canadian (sorry Cranky) spilled Merlot
on her. Isabel takes some club soda and pretends to remove the stain, but
she really uses her powers to do the trick. Traci�s groom and best man show
up and they ask Isabel if she is free and can be maid of honor. Isabel

Back to Max and Michael � they now have a ton of chips and they are
surrounded by a huge crowd. Max is getting nervous but Michael is having a
ball. Max tells Michael that it�s not right that he�s using his powers to
cheat. Michael gets pissed and tells Max �thanks for the sermon dad.� The
casino guys are clearly getting suspicious and they hand Michael another
pair of dice (apparently the fourth set). He rolls and wins again. Max sees
the pit boss call over the security guard and they end up closing the table.
Michael gets belligerent and starts yelling and gets into a fight with the
pit boss. He ends up punching the pit boss and he and Max get taken away by
the security guards and end up in jail.

Tess and Liz have bought some slinky dresses from the lobby gift shop and
done their hair in an attempt to look older. The same security guard who
threw them out earlier comes up to them and asks them if they need help.
They tell him they are looking for their husbands. Tess spots two guys at
the bar and winks and they smile back. The guard asks for their room number
and then tells them to get lost. The 2 guys (who are pretty much mobsters)
come up and ask the guard if there is a problem. The thugs tell the security
guard that the girls are with them and the guard leaves.

Maria is at her audition and wows them with her singing and then the guy in
charge tells her to take off her top. Maria is speechless and Alex jumps to
her defense. They guy tells them the audition is for a stripping lady and
Maria is really upset and they leave.

Liz and Tess are sitting in the bar with their mobster friends. When one of
them says lets go upstairs. Liz suggest that they do some gambling but one
of the guys says he wants to finish their �date.� Liz tells them she is
felling sick and tries to leave but they tell her that they�ve already
�dropped a cool hundred on you two� and that they expected that to be
�credited to their bill.� Liz is freaked. Tess tells her to walk away now.
Liz turns and sees Tess going into a mind warp and they escape.

When Maria and Alex return to their room they find a wedding reception going
on for Traci and her husband. Alex asks for his gambling money and then
leaves. While the party continues the phone rings. It is Michael calling
from jail. Maria�s still pissed at him and she hangs up on him. A little
later Maria finds Kyle and Alex at the blackjack table (apparently Kyle has
been doing really well). She tells them to cash out that she needs the money
to bail out Max (and if there�s any left over Michael).

Max and Michael have a huge fight in their jail cell and after they get back
to the hotel Max calls and books himself on the next flight back to Roswell.
Maria tries to get Michael to make Max stay but Michael won�t do anything.
Liz catches up with Max as he heads out the door and tries to convince him
to stay. Max says he�s leaving that Liz will have a better time without him
that he�s just a machine (something Michael said to him in jail) that ruins
everyone else�s good time. Liz gives up and goes back inside. A cab pull up
and a happy couple run into the casino. Max watches them go by and is about
to get into the cab and he looks back. The bride and groom are in slow
motion. Max watches them frozen in the open door of the cab but this time
it�s Max and Liz wearing the tux and the bridal gown.

The gang less Max and Isabel (who is still off with the best man) are out at
a big dinner. Michael says he�s still hungry after his lobster dinner and
says he�s going to get a cheeseburger. He leaves and the next thing the gang
sees is Michael on stage introducing Maria � he says that she�s going to
sing for everyone. Tess grabs Kyle and says they�re dancing. Isabel comes in
and she and Alex end up dancing leaving Liz alone at the table. A hand taps
her shoulder and it�s Max. He nods to the dance floor and they go to dance.
Liz told him she thought he�d be at the airport by now. Max said that he was
on his way when he had a weird moment. He tells her about the vision he says
�I saw this. . . vision. You and me . . . jumping out of a cab . . . like
we�d just been married in Vegas. Liz looks up in shock and says that�s
weird. Max tells her that it was like a memory flash of something that
really happened. Liz looks into his eyes, she wants to tell him, she starts
to tell him and then Maria�s song ends and the dancing stops. She lost her

When they return to the suite they find a very disgruntled Valenti who is
pissed at them for taking off without telling him. He makes Kyle and Tess
leave and tells the rest of them to be home the afternoon. Michael and Max
make up and Michael tells Max that whoever sent them to Earth was smart
because they sent them together and as long as they stick together they�re
gonna make it.