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Jason Behr – Passionated To Movies

Thanks to Postman (Mikko) for getting permission to scan, and transcribe portions of this article for Crashdown. Suosikki is a Finnish magazine. Click on the pictures for a larger version of the image

Jason Behr – Passionated To Movies:

Article from Suosikki N:o 4/01 Text: Laura Haapala Pics: MTV3, Lehtikuva

Jason Behr founded the love of his life – acting – when he was at kindergarden age. He had lively imagination and he liked to watch movies. Jason assured talent scouters from Los Angeles when he was a beginner of acting. They told him to try his luck at Hollywood`s movie bussiness. With hard working Jason get to guest staring different TV-series.

After uncertain actor years Roswell was a jackpot to Jason.
– I did get my role like accident. I was at North Carolina filming different serie and I did read Roswell`s manuscript there. The role of Max was different from all the other roles I had played before and I did get interested of the role of Max immediately. I think that every one of my aged people are interested of science fiction. When I was young I saw ET and Star Wars. Roswell did bring them back to my mind. I did inspired of Max and Roswell at the same time.

Jason are interested of music and sports. Jason says that acting is the only thing that he can do. Jason says that he do not care such about the publicity of him work.
– To be honest, I do so much work that I do not have so much free time. I don`t go out much, so I do not notice the public side of my work. Sometimes people comes to talk with me and usually the feed back is good. Of course the thank you messages warms up my hearth.

Jason likes to spent time with him family.
– My family is the most important thing to me. We spent lot of time together. When I am at the freetime and I am not with my family I like to play basketball and watch movies. I learn movies all the time. I am interested about the different parts of movie making. I watch movies all the time.

Everything Is Possible

Jason says that he role character Max is quite same kind of person that he is, but there are still some differences between them.
– There is always some parts of you at your role charachter even if you make it all to try to prevent that. When you are playing your role long time, you totally forget yourself, your character begins to live and he get new features from yourself.
– But there are some differences between me and Max. Max is irresolutedly, shyer, uncertainly and impatiently than I am.
– I have learned some new things about myself with help of Max. Now I know that I need much more time to sleep that I have time to. I have got more openly and toleranted by the role of Max. Max watches the world with different kind of eyes.

Jason likes to encourage every young people that dreams of the career of actor or actress
– Trust yourself, that is the best advice that I can give. Don`t let anybody tell you that you are dreaming about impossible things. Everything is possible so don`t never give up