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‘Roswell’ Pair Find Their Space

Thanks Chaz for sending this in

From “NY Vue” (the NY Daily News Sunday TV supplement)

Brendan Fehr reports that the love/hate relationship between his character, Michael, and Maria (Majandra Delfino) on “Roswell” “comes to a head” in the last episodes of the season. “We’ve been kinda riding the fence, and we finally choose one way to go with it. The fans will enjoy it – or they won’t enjoy it – depending on what they want,” he adds cryptically. He says the season will end with another cliffhanger, natch, but he can’t give any clues ” ’cause I am obligated not to. We have huge security.” However, he admits the story lines keep somehow leaking onto the internet. “These shows always have a mole. We don’t know who’s letting out the secrets. If we knew, it wouldn’t happen, but it’s not like the movies, where george Lucas can keep ‘Star Wars’ a secret. It’s harder on a TV show – you’ve got extras mulling around. … You have to send the scripts to everyone at the networks and studios. … Someone probably got a couple hundred bucks selling the story line to someone in order to buy his wife a new ring.”