Alien plush Puffkin

Thanks to Tu for this :)

I don’t know if this is of any relevance, but I thought it would be nice to know that Puffkins (a copycat company of Ty’s Beanie Babies) released one of their plush as an alien called Roswell. It was released in Fall of ’99 and I know this is kind of belated news, but it just occurred to me that maybe you guys can use it for the campaign to UPN as a little extra something. Plus the Roswell Puffkin is pretty cute, it’s green and has blue eyes and feet. You can find pictures of the alien Roswell on the net somewhere, and if people decide to buy it they’re like $6, I found a couple in a Hallmark store, that’s where they usually sell Puffkins. Just a suggestion from a dedicated fan of the show, I regret that I didn’t buy the lil alien for myself but I’m sure I’ll see it around somewhere. It’s not retired yet, so I think it’s still possible to buy it.