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HERC Reviews the ROSWELL Finale!!

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Roswell 2.21 FAQ

Who’s responsible?

Teleplay is credited to series creator Jason Katims.

Is Alex in the finale?

Alex is all over the finale.

Is Alex really dead?

Yes. Colin Hanks appears only in flashbacks, visions and memories.

Does Maria do the recap before a chalkboard for the finale?

Yes. But this time, for the first time, Michael concludes the recap.

Do Maria and Michael do the recap together?


Does Michael do his part of the recap in front of a chalkboard?


Is it true, as rumored, that the finale reveals that Tess has mindwarped Max into just thinking they had sex?


Is it true, as rumored, that we learn in the finale that Tess has mindwarped Max into just thinking that she’s pregnant?


Is it true, as rumored, that Tess dies at the end of the episode?


Is it true, as rumored, that Tess is revealed in the finale to be a pawn of duplicates Rath and Lonnie?

Is it true, as rumored, that the aliens stage their own deaths?


Is it true, as rumored, that Liz tells Max about FutureMax?


Is it true, as rumored, that Liz finally confesses to Max that she never had sex with Kyle?


Does Liz, as rumored, exhibit superpowers this episode?


Does Tess, as rumored, crave salt as a symptom of alien PMS?


Do Rath, Lonnie, Ava, or Nicholas appear in the finale?


The actress who played Special Agent Suzanne Duff was in the “ER” finale on Thursday. Is she in the “Roswell” finale as well?

Erica Gimpel does not appear in the “Roswell” finale.

Did Leanna kill Alex?


Who is Leanna?

Likely an innocent puppet, much like Brody.

Do we learn in the finale who killed Alex?

We do.

What was that crystal thing Michael gave Max at the end of 2.20 two weeks ago?

It’s the ignition key for the granilith.

How does the finale begin?

The aliens put the key in the ignition. Alex/Ray’s translation indicates that, like an old pickup, the granilith needs some time to warm up.

How much time?

24 hours.

Does the episode end with the Granilith transporting alien life back to Max & Co.’s home planet?

It does! There’s some nifty computer-generated special effects that show the granilith spitting a vehicle into the stratosphere.

Do any humans go along for the ride?


Do we see the aliens’ home planet?

Not this year.

Will juvie offender Sean DeLuca be back next year?

I sure hope so; I love that guy! When Max and Michael enter the Crashdown early in the hour he calls them “Hekyll and Jekyll”!

Does Nacedo turn up?

Nacedo died in the second season premiere. He is mentioned in the finale, however. We learn of a deal Nacedo made 40 years ago.

What’s good?

Fans of the show will find the season closer gripping right up until its final minute. Like all good finales, this one rockets along, unspooling roughly twice as much plot as a normal installment. The means by which Alex’s murder is finally solved is enormously compelling and carries a flavor one might liken to “Twin Peaks.” The season finale is also a terribly emotional episode, as all of the aliens have goodbyes to say. Max and Isabel, who movingly reaffirm their sibling bond, say goodbye to their adoptive parents. Tess bids farewell to the Valentis (and calls Jim “dad”). For the first time, Michael allows Maria to enjoy the same kind of psychic “flashes” Max used to share with Liz. Isabel visits Alex’s grave (and his “ghost”). Max and Liz punctuate their last big wet one with these words:

LIZ: Just tell me one thing. Do you love her?

MAX: Not like I love you.

Liz leaves. Max starts bawling. Liz goes over to Sean’s, where she winds up kissing Maria’s cousin passionately as she pushes him onto his bed.

Yikes! What’s not so good?

It’s not entirely convincing when Max and Liz are so quick to dismiss Leanna as a suspect (though Max and Liz do ultimately prove correct about her innocence). The fact that Leanna has human blood and cannot use superpowers to darn socks doesn’t seem like enough to cross her off the suspect list. But this is hair-splitting.

Give us one spoiler about Alex’s murder?

Kyle helped.

Herc’s rating for “Roswell” 2.20?
The Hercules T. Strong Rating System 2.0:

***** better than we deserve

**** better than most motion pictures

*** actually worth your valuable time

** as horrible as most stuff on TV

* makes you quietly pray for bulletins
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