Roswell Information from UPN Upfront (part 1)

I have to actually WORK at the moment (bummer), but I wanted to type up the handout on Roswell that was given out at UPN’s Upfront Presentation this morning. I’ll transcribe what they said about Roswell when I get home later. No one from the Roswell cast or production company was introduced at the presentation; if any of the producers were at Upfront I didn’t run into them.

Roswell will air on Tuesdays at 9:00 PM, following Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Conspiracy, deception and the destiny of four teenagers with an amazing secret all colide in ROSWELL.

July 3, 1947. The crash of a spaceship, an event officially denied by the government, leaves three young aliens to grow up in the small town of Roswell, New Mexico. Banding together, Max Evans (Jason Behr), his sister Isabel (Katherine Heigl) and Michael Guerin (Brendan Fehr) keep their identities a secret from their families and friends. But the shooting of classmate Liz Parker forces Max to use his extraordinary powers to save her life, and their ensuing relationship brings Liz and her best friend Maria DeLuca (Majandra Delfino) into the fold. Concealing their extraterrestrial origins is soon made harder with the discovery of a fourth crash survivor, Tess Harding (Emilie de Ravin), who reveals that they are royalty destined to one day save a dying alien race. Their fight against being discovered is made all the more difficult by a sheriff (William Sadler) whose personal obsession drives him towards the truth about what really happened in 1947.

Science fiction meets human drama as four teenagers on the brink of adulthood share a dangerous secret about the past that wills hape their future in the newest addition to UPN’s lineup, ROSWELL.


Liz Parker – Shiri Appleby
Max Evans – Jason Behr
Isabel Evans – Katherine Heigl
Maria DeLuca – Majandra Delfino
Michael Guerin – Brendan Fehr
Tess Harding – Emilie de Ravin
Sheriff Jim Valenti, Jr – William Sadler