‘Roswell’ Mentioned On ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’

The Millionaire show which the info comes from aired on Thursday night

Thanks to Emily for this :)

On Thursday, June 21, at about 8:50 p.m. a woman answered a question on “Who
Wants To Be a Millionare?” that had Roswell as one of the possible answers to
the $16,000 question.

QUESTION: In what tv series is there an alien from the planet Malmac.
A. “I forgot” B.Mork and Mindy
C. ALF D.Roswell


The woman got the answer right without using any lifelines. Unfortunately she
got the $64,000 question wrong and went home with only $32,000.

Thanks to Marcy for this :)

Roswell was mentioned on “Who wants to be a millionaire” last night. If I am
not mistaken the question read…. on what TV show were the characters from
the planet (I cant remember what planet, but not theirs). Roswell was one
of the choices.

I may have not quoted the question correctly but I thought that was neat.

Thanks to Roswell_Amanda for this :)

I was just watching millionaire and for the question for 16 thousand dollars
they asked…

Which TV Series featured an alien from the planet Melmac?

A. Mork n Mindy B. My Favorite Martian
C. ALF D. Roswell

Thought it was neat and thought I would let you know. :)

Thanks to Emily for this :)

I was just watching Millionaire, and I think it was the $16,000 question that
said this: What show featured an alien from the planet Melmac?
A) Mork and Mindy
B) My Favorite Martian
D) Roswell

I laughed out loud at that, because I knew it was ALF. Anyway, just thought
I’d let you know. The more exposure the better, right?