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Katherine on Crossing Over 06/25/01 (TONIGHT!)

Thanks to everyone who sent the info in on Katherine. Some of the info was sent in yesterday but the episode airs TONIGHT

Thanks to Amber for this :)

I saw a commercial that Katherine Heigl will be featured on Crossing Over
With John Edward. Edward is a psychic that channels audience members’ land
celebrity guests’ loved ones that have passed on. The clip showed Heigl with
what looked like a mother/older female family member and Edward channeling,
and Heigl saying something about a nephew. The show will air Monday, the
25th at 8 pm est.

Thanks to Kim for this :)

Just wanted to let y’all know Katherine Heigl is going to be on Crossing
Over with John Edward tonight at 8:30 ET on the Scifi Channel.

Thanks to Sky Dancer for this :)

John Edward did a reading for Katherine which, according to the CO episode
tonight will air tomorrow night on the Sci-Fi Channel at 8:00 p.m. EASTERN
TIME. You must check the Sci-Fi Schedulebot to ensure you get the correct air
time across the USA. He will do a one-on-one reading for her.

Thanks to Berhiness for this :)

Hiya! I was just watching ‘Crossing Over with Jon Edwards’ on the Sci-fi
channel. There was a promo for tommorow night’s episode…special guess
Katherine Hiegl.
Airs 8 to 9pm EST.

Thanks to Danielle for this :)

Katherine Heigl will be on the show Crossing Over w/John Edward on the Sci-Fi channel tonight. They are now showing two episodes back to back. So I don’t know if it’s the 8:00 or 8:30PM showing. I am in Georgia, I don’t know if that will make a diffrence in the schedule.

Thanks to JusMe1212 for this :)

Katherine Heigl will be on “Crossing Over” with John Edward on the Sci-Fi
Channel tonight (Monday, June 25). The show airs from 8 PM to 9 PM on the
East Coast. She was featured in a commerical for the show during last nights