Upcoming Cast Appearances

Thanks so much to Megan for this :)

To help everyone deal with it being a month of no Roswell, here are some of the cast members upcoming appearances. Check your local listings for time and channel changes!

Brendan Fehr:

Every Mother’s Worst Fear
120 min.
Cheryl Ladd and her daughter Jordan star in a cautionary tale about Internet sex predators.
In this 1998 cable drama, they play workaholic mom Connie Hoagland and troubled daughter Martha, who falls for a stranger named “Drew” in an Internet chat room. Fooled by his kind words, Martha agrees to meet Drew face-to-face. But she quickly discovers she’s been lured into a trap set by a violent on-line stalker (Ted McGinley) who abducts teens and sells them into slavery. Back at home, Connie takes a crash course in computers and finds the Web’s dark side—and a disturbing lead on Martha’s whereabouts. Drew: Vincent Gale.

Cast: Tasha Simms, Brendan Fehr, Don Thompson, Robert Wisden, Vincent Gale, Chiara Zanni, Jordan Ladd, Cheryl Ladd, Ted McGinley
Rating: PG-13
Content: Violence, Sexual Situations
Category: Movie, Drama
Director: Bill Norton
Release Year: 1998

Majandra Delfino:

The Secret Life of Girls
90 min.
Coming-of-age story set in 1973, about a 15-year-old (Majandra Delfino) trying to deal with growing up while her oddball parents are divorcing. Ruby: Linda Hamilton. Hugh: Eugene Levy. Kay: Meagan Good. Kay (age 40): Kate Vernon. Jim: Aeryk Egan.

Cast: Linda Hamilton, Eugene Levy, Majandra Delfino, Meagan Good, Kate Vernon, Aeryk Egan, Andrew Ducote, Leor Livneh Hackel, Vyto Ruginis, Keith Bogart, Bonnie Dickenson, Phyllis Avery, Joanne Baron, Kimberly Beck, Dusty Kay, Alex Thomas, Patrick Renna, Tommy Parada, Kai Lennox, David Crowley
Category: Movie, Comedy
Director: Holly Goldberg Sloan
Release Year: 1999

Show times
Date Time Channel
Wednesday, 27 9:45 AM 502 WE

Zeus and Roxanne
98 min.

Ultra-sweet story about the friendship between a widower’s dog and a dolphin being studied by a marine biologist. Steve Guttenberg, Kathleen Quinlan. Carver: Arnold Vosloo. Becky: Dawn McMillan. Jordan: Miko Hughes. Directed by George Miller.

Cast: Jessica Howell, Dawn McMillan, Miko Hughes, Majandra Delfino, Steve Guttenberg, Kathleen Quinlan, Arnold Vosloo
Rating: PG
Content: Adult Themes
Category: Movie, Comedy-drama
Director: George Miller
Release Year: 1997

Show times
Date Time Channel
Thursday, 5 12:00 PM 18 DISNEY
Thursday, 5 5:30 PM 18 DISNEY

Shiri Appleby:

Deal of a Lifetime
94 min.
The Devil (Kevin Pollak) tempts a nerdy high-school sophomore (Michael Goorjian) with a promise to date the prettiest girl on campus. Laurie: Shiri Appleby. Foster: Esteban Powell. Tina: Jennifer Rubin. Freddie: Alex Solowitz. Directed by Paul Levine.

Cast: Michael Goorjian, Jennifer Rubin, Kevin Pollak, Shiri Appleby, Shay Astar, Esteban Powell, Alex Solowitz
Rating: PG
Content: Strong Language, Adult Themes
Category: Movie, Comedy
Director: Paul Levine
Release Year: 1999

Show times
Date Time Channel
Wednesday, 27 1:55 AM 557 HBOF
Saturday, 30 11:45 PM 557 HBOF

Miko Hughes:

Date Start Time Title Ch# Attributes

Wed 27 3:30 PM Full House: Bye Bye Birdie 15 WTBS

Fri 29 10:30 PM Wes Craven’s New Nightmare 24 TNT

Sun 1 12:15 PM One Last Flight 578 SHOTw

Mon 2 8:00 AM Full House: Wrong-Way Tanner 12 KUWB

Wed 4 7:15 PM Jack the Bear 553 HBOPLUS

Thu 5 12:00 PM Zeus and Roxanne 18 DISNEY

Thu 5 5:30 PM Zeus and Roxanne 18 DISNEY

Sat 7 10:00 PM Twice in a Lifetime: Curveball 10 KUPX

Mon 9 10:15 AM One Last Flight 578 SHOTw

William Sadler:

Date Start Time Title Ch# Attributes

Wed 27 11:45 AM Ambushed 565 MOMAX

Thu 28 8:30 PM A Midsummer Night’s Dream 181 BRAV

Fri 29 1:00 AM A Midsummer Night’s Dream 181 BRAV

Sat 30 12:40 AM Tales from the Crypt Presents Demon Knight 530 ACTN-W

Sat 30 3:00 PM A Midsummer Night’s Dream 181 BRAV

Sat 30 10:00 PM The Green Mile 591 TMCw

Sun 1 9:00 AM A Midsummer Night’s Dream 181 BRAV

Sat 7 9:00 PM The Green Mile 576 SHOw