Wish Upon A Star DVD Release

Thanks to Frank for this :)

I was just at DVDReview and was looking at the upcoming DVD releases. They list Wish Upon A
Star as being released on DVD in August from Columbia/Tristar. Here is a copy of the information.

Wish Upon A Star
90 min. · FS · E – DS / ESP – DS · Sub: E/F/ESP/Portuguese/Chinese/Korean/Thai · Rated: PG
Family/Children · Release Date: 8/21/2001 · SRP: 24.95 · UPC #0-43396-07261-9

Seventeen-year-old Alexia hasn’t been herself lately. Neither has fifteen-year-old Hayley. But it’s
not puberty that’s causing the commotion. It’s something a bit more complicated. Hayley is an
average teenager, a grungy brainiac with no fashion sense. The only thing average about her sister
Alexia is her grades. But there’s nothing average about the sibling rivalry that explodes when a
wish makes them switch places. Hayley is ecstatic: the car keys, the guys, the cool
friends–suddenly they’re all hers. And Alexia gets, well, gets as mad as you’d expect for a pretty
and popular teenage girl in this situation. After all, life among the clueless Hayleys of the world is
no life for someone blessed with a gift for accessorizing. But after a couple of days in each other’s
shoes, Hayley and Alexia begin to understand each other, and themselves, better. Now their
biggest problem is finding a way to reverse the wish! Directed by Blair Treu. Starring Katherine
Heigl, Danielle Harris, Lois Chiles.

Special Features:

Commentary track by Director Blair Treu and Writer Jessica Barondes