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Cast Appearance in Vegas

Thanks to Aprille for this account!

On Sunday (4/30) cast members of Roswell came to our local mall (Fashion Show
Mall) to come and help open up the new Lot 53 clothing line for Levi’s at
Macy’s. They were there for pictures and autographs also. I couldn’t go, but
I believe Jason Behr and Katherine Heigl were in appearance. Katherine was
also in town to do some radio interviews. Later on that day, more stars of
the WB (of Buffy, Felicity, Charmed, Roswell, etc.) came to the Sahara Casino
and Hotel for a promotion. A new rollercoaster opened, and stars were walking
around everywhere, and contest winners got to go into the NASCAR Cafe where
they would get to meet the stars. (I got to meet Scott Foley of Felicity!)
Anyway, later that night some of the WB stars went to a nightclub called the
Rumjungle where fans could “mingle with the stars” and dance all night.


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