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Katherine Heigl on Crossing Over

Thanks to MTK for this :)

I just got finished watching Katherine Heigl and her Mother, Nancy, on
Crossing Over with John Edwards. It appeared to be a nice experience
for them.

I can’t tell you what was said verbatim, but here is the gist of it:

John said that he felt two women, a mother and an Aunt or Mother in Law
and that he was getting an image of “Gone with the Wind”. That didn’t
seem familiar to either Katherine or her Mother.

Then John said he felt two males, one older and one younger. I think the
older one was Katherine’s father or grandfather and the younger was her
brother Jason.

Again, John spoke about a connection with “Gone With the Wind’ or
something from that era, he said he was seeing Tara and women in big
dresses and Katherine remembered that she had been in a movie about that
era. She suggested that maybe they (her relatives on the other side)
might think it was her best role? John suggested that they usually
don’t give reviews of an artists work, but were probably just
acknowledging it to her.

Then John suggested that Jason was giving him a feeling that Katherine’s
Mom was writing a book or an article about the loss of her son. Her Mom
said she had written something just one or two pages about her loss and
her older son had suggested that she had the makings of a book and that
he offered to help her with it. John suggested that Jason thought she
should maybe proceed with the project.

John spoke about a pet turtle that was with Jason and Katherine’s Mom
said she did not specifcally remember a turtle, but that her son always
had had lots of pet animals. Her Mom also said that Jason used to tease
Kaatherine and play jokes on her, that he was a good natured son and a
people person.

John said that he felt that 1996 was a significant year for the family
and that both the males had already passed, but they were showing they
were keeping in touch with the family. John said he felt the year was a
turning point and Katherine’s Mom acknowledged that she had had cancer
that year.

That was about it, at the end of the show Crossing Over showed Katherine
and her Mom talking about their experience and Katherine said both she
and her Mom were believers in an eternal soul and that the experience
had been very comforting to them. Katherine’s Mom said that she had not
wanted the experience to end and that when John said the males were
pulling away, that she wanted to tell him to get them to come back
because she wanted to keep the experience going longer.

John also said later that Katherine’s Mom was encouraged by her late
son’s words and that she was going to consider writing of her experience
in losing a child.