Roswell gets premiere date

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The fall season’s official start is the week of September 17 according to
Nielsen Media Research, and UPN’s fall debut schedule, aside from its Friday
movie night, will stay away from that week altogether. The first show to
begin the new season for UPN will be The Hughleys on September 3rd at 8pm,
followed by the premiere of One on One at 830pm. The Parkers and Girlfriends
begin the season the following week on September 10th. The Friday movie will
premiere with the Bruce Willis film, The Fifth Element on Friday September
21st. Star Trek: Enterprise with new commander Scott Bakula starts September
26th with a two hour premiere; Special Unit 2 kicks in October 3rd at 9pm;
Buffy debuts on UPN October 9th with a two hour episode; Roswell October
16th; and WWF Smackdown runs original episodes year round

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‘Buffy,’ ‘Roswell’ Get Premiere Dates

LOS ANGELES – Fans of vagabond shows “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Roswell”
can rejoice. UPN has announced the premiere dates of both series.”Buffy”
will premiere on its new home with a two-hour movie Tuesday, Oct. 9. While
still remaining vague about how exactly the vampire slayer, who was dead and
buried at the end of last season, will return, creator Joss Whedon has
promised that the premiere will reiterate the show’s basic premise for new
viewers, while continuing the existing storyline for loyal viewers.Like other
seasons, the premiere will pick up several months after the point where the
finale left off. And to answer the question of whether the second “death” of
Buffy will cause yet another slayer to be added to the mix, Whedon says no —
the slayer line now runs through Faith.The following week, “Buffy” will move
to its regular times of 8 p.m. ET, and “Roswell” will premiere at 9 p.m