Various Magazine/Newspaper Articles On ‘Roswell’

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In the Ignite magazine for next month there is an article on three single men
in hollywood. Jason is one of these men. The article has a picture of Jason
in the middle and it says the following (Note: Eventhough the article is the
2001 issue for August they have the wrong age down for him. It should say 27).

Name: Jason Behr
Age: 26
Where you know him from: Roswell

Though hottie Jason Behr plays the smoldering Max Evans; he isn’t an alien,
he just protrays one on TV! This hunk first captured our hearts on the
extraterrestrial drama Roswell, but he’s no stranger to the screen. He had a
recurring role on Dawson’s Creek, playing an actor depicting Dawson in the
title character’s movie of his life. Jason’s really come into his own on
Roswell, though. In real life, he’s no where near as intense as his on-screen
alter ego; Jason likes to joke around and have fun. He’s not seeing anyone
right now, because he feels that it wouldn’t be fair to any girl that he
spends so much time on the show. He does admit one serious relationship,
though. The boy’s been courting Krispy Kremes for years! He’s joked in
interviews about his doughnut addiction, which he developed while shooting
Dawson’s Creek.
While Jason is not really an alien, he understands all the major
isolation and alienation his character experiences on the show. His family
moved around a lot when Jason was a child, so he never really put roots down
anywhere. However, all that traveling made him closer to his family; he has
three brothers and one sister. It sure didn’t make it easy to get a personal
relationship going, though.

This article is on page 97 of the magazine.

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“Stupid TV Decision of the Month” (Starlog #289, August 2001, p. 6) from
MyrnaLynne’The WB: Oh the stupidity! First, they scrapped the promising
“Pern” project (based on Anne McCaffrey’s books) [and helmed by Roswell’s
Ron Moore] shortly before shooting the pilot. Then, in the latest round of
financial brinkmanship (a game ignited in 1998 by sister Company Warner
Bros. TV’s demands on NBC for millions of more bucks for “ER”), the WB lost
“Buffy” (produced by Fox TV, sister division of Fox Network) to UPN. The WB
also cancelled the perversely fresh and innovative cartoon “The Oblongs.”And
*most stupidly* they axed the Fox TV-made fan favorite “Roswell” (four teen
aliens defining their powers while living in a small town) while adding the
Warner TV-made “Smallville” (one teen alien, albeit Clark Kent/Young
Superman, defining his powers while living in a small town). Savvy UPN
picked up “Roswell,” too. It’s still early yet, but the WB looks unbeatable
in the race to take this years Stupid TV crown. You hop, Frog!Also under
Sci-Fi TV, p. 11:

“Roswell” Cancelled by the WB. It will not air *at all* in reruns on the
network this summer. Pickedup by UPN for a 22-episode third season,
Tuesdays, 9. p.m.

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In the latest edition of TV Guide, #2519, Vol. 49 No. 27, July7-13,
Roswell is mentioned. In the “Micheal Logan on Soaps” section, the author
states, “The recent deaths of several prime-time characters–among them,
Buffy and her mom on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Jackie Jr. on The Sopranos,
Alex on Roswell, Krycek on The X-Files, Richard on The Practice, Mrs.
Landingham on The West Wing–made us realize how rarely the grim reaper
visits the soaps.” He goes on to argue that “…most soaps now resemble
bloated barges, weighed down by too many contract players who no longer
excite the writers and, consequently, the audience.” I wonder if Alex (Colin
Hanks) falls into this category? Just thought you’d be interested in this
mention. I already read the “Roush Review” on Crashdown from the same issue
of TV Guide, which totally slammed Roswell. Thought this mention should be
of interest as well. Thanks.

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In my TV Topics of my news paper in the mailbox section there is an article
about roswell….its says…

Has Roswell been abducted?
The show has a close encounter with cancellation

Q. Is “Roswell” going to be on UPN instead of WB this season?
A. Yes, after the WB cancelled the teen alien drama, it was picked up by the
UPN network, also the new home of Buffy the Vampire Slayer” on Tuesday
nights. Also cancelled by the WB is Popular, jack and jill, Grosse Point,
the oblongs, hype!, and the PJs. Angel the “Buffy” spinoff still remains on
the WB.

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I saw a picture that had Jason Behr and Brendan Fehr in it in the YM magazine
special… “YM Beauty Magazine”. It is in an article on Rachel Leigh Cook,
and it shows them all in the NBA Entertainment League.

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I don’t know if this was already mentioned…but I was flipping through magazines at the store today and I found a small blirb, with a pic of Shiri Appleby, in this months Tiger Beat. It was on page 15 and the article was called “Breaking News…” and they talked Roswell and about her upcoming role in SwimFan85.

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Majandra Delfino was featured in the magazine CosmoGirl. They were showing stars who had armpit stains and had a pic of Majandra with one. That is disgusting.

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In Cosmo Girl, Majandra’s picture was shown (with many others) where they showed her having a sweat spot on her shirt…

They made some comment about Ros-smell or something like that.

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In the August issue of Sugar Magazine, on page, there is a small interview
with Colin Hanks. He talks about his father watching the show, weather he
belives in aleins or not and in general about roswell.

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In the August 2001 Issue of J-14 there is 2 little things of Roswell.
On Page 12, there is a picture of Pink holding up a magazine with her in it
but you can also see on the other page of the magazine there is the picture
of Katherine. On Page 104, Jason Behr is #4 in the Hottest Tv Stars column
dropping 1 spot from #3 last issue. Note: Roswell has dropped completely from
the Best Tv Shows column! Vote for it! That’s all I saw of Roswell this
issue! :(

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Its page 56 and its from the Noir Shop Opening! Her and Erika Christensen
where there 3 wks ago!

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just thought you might want to know…in the current “US” magazine’s style
section there’s a picture of Shiri Appleby standing next to Erika
Christensen at the Shop Noir opening.(pg 56)