Watch with Wanda Roswell Spoilers (Chat 7/9)

Thanks to amari28 and Jodi and anyone else who sent this in :)

From rollergal20: Do Max and Liz get back together?
For now, I can only pass along this quote, which is from a very reliable
source: “A long-dormant relationship will be reignited.”

From shellilynn: Anything else about Isabel’s new man Jesse?
He’s a young lawyer at Isabel’s father’s law firm. When the season starts,
we learn they went out during the summer, but she broke things off with him
for no apparent reason. Just walked up to him and said, “It’s over. Don’t
call me.” There’s major attraction between the two, but later, Isabel
learns that Jesse is not what he seems.

From charlie122: Any further casting news about Jesse?
As far as I know, Tyler Christopher (former General Hospital heartthrob)
and Jason Cerbone (The Sopranos’ dearly departed Jackie Jr.) are still in
the running.

From saiwong: What do you think of TV Guide bad-mouthing Roswell?
I’ll just say this: Don’t be surprised if there’s an on-camera brawl this
Thursday when Matt Roush and I give commentary on the Emmy noms. 8:30 to
9:30 a.m. We’re taping it live at 5:30 a.m., so, I expect to be
extra-cranky about defending Roswell and Buffy.