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Hollywood Reporter: Rodriguez lands in ‘Roswell,..’

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Rodriguez lands in ‘Roswell,’ will spark romance
By Nellie Andreeva

LOS ANGELES (The Hollywood Reporter) — Adam Rodriguez (CBS’ “Brooklyn
South”) has joined the cast of the teen sci-fi drama “Roswell” from 20th
Century Fox TV, which is going into its third season and its first on UPN.

Rodriguez, who will be introduced in the season opener, will play a young
lawyer who works for the firm of Isabel (Katherine Heigl) and Max (Jason
Behr) Evans’ father in Roswell, N.M.

“He had a very charming, very real quality,” executive producer Jason Katims
said of Rodriguez’s audition. While the goal in casting the role was to get
the best actor possible, Katims said he is happy that in this case their
choice happened to be a Latino. “It’s something we’ve wanted to do, and it
reflects the population of New Mexico,” he said.

The young attorney played by Rodriguez will be the first love interest for
Isabel in the series. “Our plans are to have their relationship accelerate
very fast and very far,” Katims said.

In addition to adding Rodriguez, who will be the only new regular on the
show this coming season, “Roswell” is beefing up its writing staff.

Melinda Metz, who wrote the “Roswell High” book series, on which the TV
drama is based, and the book series’ editor Laura Burns have joined the show
as writers.

In addition to his role on “Roswell,” Rodriguez has a recurring role on
Showtime’s original series “Resurrection Blvd.” Last season, he starred in
UPN’s short-lived Aaron Spelling drama “All Souls.”

Rodriguez, whose credits also include stints on “Felicity” and “Ryan
Caufield: Year One,” is repped by Writers & Artists Agency and manager Abe
Hoch of Magus Entertainment.