LeadingMajandra Delfino

Majandra’s sister is in new show

Thanks to Julia for this :)

Hi my name is Julia and I’m a huge Roswell fan. I just wanted to let you know
that Majandra’s sister Marieh is going to be in a new show on NBC starting on
Saturday August 4. It is called “All About Us” at noon respectively.

Here’s a little article I found at Variety about the show

”All About Us” targets teen girls
All About Us (Sat. (4), 8:30-9:00 a.m., NBC)

By Phil Gallo

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) – NBC is touting “All About Us” as its first female-character-driven show targeted for teens, and this Saturday ayemer should do well with pre-high schoolers lamenting the lack of a “Saved by the Bell”-type show in the current TV universe.

Concept is simple: Four girls in Chicago with working-class backgrounds go about their dreaming and scheming in the adult-free world of a girl’s bedroom. This is precisely the type of show Pax should be soliciting from the Peacock.

The four girls are all likable, with none of their defining traits played too heavily. Debut episode, directed with an overly consistent diet of group shots by “Wonder Years” star Fred Savage, follows a game of Truth or Dare and its aftermath — the hijinks, the guilty consciences and the consequences.

Cristina Castelli (Alicia Lagano), the daughter of a pizza parlor owner (John Caponera), takes the lead in the premiere as she attempts to get dad’s 1965 Mustang repaired before he finds out the girls took it for a spin. Show’s star is ostensibly singer Alecia Elliott, who, one assumes, is responsible for some of the dance pop that’s in nearly every scene.

Writing avoids the corniness and hackneyed seriousness of the show’s ancestors such as “Saved by the Bell.” While it’s not all that funny, it does place a nice and gentle emphasis on teamwork and friendship.

Alecia Alcott …… Alecia Elliott

Niki Merrick ……. Marieh Delfino

Sierra Jennings …. Crystal Grant

Cristina Castelli .. Alicia Lagano

Steven Castelli …. Eddie Matos

Mr. Castelli ……. John Caponera

Taped in Hollywood by Peter Engel Prods. in association with NBC Enterprises. Executive producer, Peter Engel; co-executive producers, Chris Conte, David Nichols; producers, Terry Haley, Mindy Morgenstern, Al Sonja L. Rice; director, Fred Savage; production designer, Andrew Evanshchen; music supervisor, Zoenda Parks; casting, Patricia Noland.

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