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Join Crashdown’s Newsletter (If U haven’t already)

Join Crashdown’s Newsletter (If U haven’t already)
September 18, 2001 Posted by Mandy
I know that there are some news viewers to this site and if you haven’t already joined the Crashdown newsletter, please consider joining it. You can sign up in the lower right corner of the main page of Crashdown.

Starting in October, I will be officially sending out a weekly newsletter once the show begins airing to keep everyone up-to-date with information and tidbits that may not be found on this site and will announce the contest names for the official name of the newsletter.

I want to make this as fun as it can for everyone who takes the time to read the newsletter and want to make it accessible to everyone like having some fun and games, activities, news and exclusives in the newsletter.

In fact, I will be sending out a special announcement tonight that relates to the tragedy from last week in New York and Washington that I think EVERYONE should do (Best yet, it cost nothing) and which could help comfort those who lost family members or friends.

Thank You :)