Various Magazine Articles On ‘Roswell’

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from MyrnaLynne

October 2001 “Twist” p. 12, in an article “Steal Their Scent!” on celeb fragrance, there are nice photos of Katherine Heigl and Shiri Appleby.

“We caught up with ‘Roswell’s’ Katherine Heigl, who’s got a cropped new ‘do these days. She told us she loves Grace by Philosophy: “It has this really clean, fresh smell – kinda like detergent!”

“Shiri Appleby, our fave non-alien from ‘Roswell,’ is really into designer Michael Kors’ new super-popular scent. “I love it! I wear it so often that people associate it with me!”

The article then suggests more inexpensive substitutes for their scents – “Smell This Fresh Towels” at Target for Katie’s scent, and “Tommy Girl” for Shiri’s scent.


In “Teen” magazine, October 2001, opposite page 104, in the Horoscope
section, they print 12 pictures of celebs (one for each of the zodiac signs)
on heavy paper, perforated and ‘wallet sized,’ with a little horoscope on
the back – and this month, Jason Behr in “Mr. Capricorn” :> – ‘wired &
The photo of him is from the Oct 2000 Teen photo shoot, only it’s printed
‘flopped’ and his image is reversed, which makes it look a little strange –
but still nice!


“J-14” magazine, October 2001, page 90-91.

In an article called “Do you Believe in Ghosts?” various celebrities are quoted about opinions on ghosts, UFOs, psychics, etc.

“Do you believe in UFOs and space aliens? Jason Behr plays an alien on UPN’s Roswell and admits the show has made him think about the possibilities of aliens among us.

“Some people say there’s no alien life out there, but maybe they’re wrong,” he says. “The ideas we throw around on the show have opened my eyes.”

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I just got my October issue of MOVIELINE — thought you might like to know there’s a picture of Emilie de Ravin on pg. 90, with the caption “‘Roswell”s Emilie de Ravin is de raucous.” It was taken at the GHOST WORLD premiere.

The same issue also has an item on THE SHIPPING NEWS on pp. 72-73, as part of an article on “Oscar bait.” It talks about all the Oscar-winning and Oscar-nominated talent in the cast and crew, but sadly doesn’t mention Jason Behr :(

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roswell is in the new star magazine
it is about which shows are going to do well in the time slots, and it is going up against smallville (icky, it was painful to type it) and ROSWELL WON! YEAH! And it has a little pic of Jason!

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brendan is in the new issue of ignite he is on page says the love chart
and he’s on there with a little picture and on the back of that page is the
celb brithdays of the month and on otober 29th it says brenden fehr.but they
spelt it like this brandon fehr.

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Just wanted to let everyone know that there is a FULL page Roswell ad in the October issue of Seventeen magazine, it appears behind a full page Buffy ad. I don’t have the ad with me so I can’t remember what it says…something along the lines of beautiful people or something.

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Just thought I’d let you all know cuz this is pretty cool- In the october
2001 issue of YM magazine, on page 102, in the “special advertising section”
it has “Niki” Marieh Delfino’s character on the show “All About Us” and it
has some neutrogena make-up tips on how to get her look. I’d copy what it
says, but I don’t feel like it. Its just make-up tips and a pic of her

Also on the calender in YM it states that brendan will turn 24 on the 28th,
it includes a small pic of him!

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brendan fehr was in cosmo girl twice in the october issue. once for the
calender and also in the ”wadjawear” section. just thought id let ya know!