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Jason and Colin On The Radio-Follow-Up Information

Thanks to Tiff for this :)

i have webcam pics of colin hanks radio interview on kdge on my website at

i live in texas so i heard the broadcast live and got the pics at the same


Thanks to Michelle for this :)

Hey I just got up and turned on the radio to 102.1 and they were talking about Colin and Jason being on yesterday. They said everything went well with Colin’s interview, and he even told the host to say hi to Jason for him. Well, when they got to Jason’s interview something happened and he got cut off during the middle of it. And a fan called in just after he was cut off and Slim Jim (one of the hosts) filled in for him and they said she actually thought it was Jason and she asked him questions and she never found out! (though I’m sure she knows now if she listened to the radio this morning) Well, I just thought it sounded kinda neat.