Science Fiction Weekly – Letters to the Editor

Here’s a letter from a Roswell fan:

Roswell’s SCI FI Crash Is Welcome

In October, 1999, a world of magic unfolded before our
eyes as the Roswell pilot came into our homes for the
first time! People all over the world took this small
show into their hearts and passed on the joy it gave
them through the many charity fan functions and
parties that were organized in the show’s name. To
date, approximately $250,000 has been raised by
Roswell fans, most of it going to help children in
need and the 9/11 victims. The Roswell “Healing Hands”
quilt, designed and created by fans after 9/11, was on
display in Washington, D.C. through September 2002
after an extensive display tour to numerous other
Federal Museums around the United States. The quilt
sent to the NYC Police still hangs in their main
office as a reminder of the Roswellians world wide who
sent their love, prayers and money to the victims and
their families.

On May 14, 2002, Roswell aired for the last time. A
giant emptiness was felt by millions of people around
the world as we bid farewell to the town and
characters that had come to mean so much to us.

But now we have good news! On Jan. 13, 2003, the SCI
FI Channel will begin airing all three seasons of
Roswell! Millions of us are anxiously counting down
the days to this event! We are looking forward to once
again experiencing the magic that is Roswell!

The fans of Roswell continue to band together, as
additional charity fan functions are currently being
planned. The legacy of caring that has become so
widely associated with Roswell around the world still
lives! Events such as the Fan Event SCI FI Premiere
Party scheduled to take place in New York City the
weekend of Jan. 11 and 12, 2003, the Roswell/Zeke
Lerner Bowl-a-Thon in Los Angeles in February, and the
Roswell Convention in Australia, all have proceeds
directed towards Roswell fans’ current children’s
charity project, FSMA (Families of Spinal Muscular
Atrophy). These events will not only be attended by
thousands of fans world wide, but also members of the
Roswell cast. The true magic of Roswell continues!

The SCI FI Channel is watched by millions of people
who love science-fiction programming. Many of these
viewers have never experienced the world of Roswell!
We, the established fans of Roswell, are doing all we
can to help promote the airing of the series on SCI
FI! The CRAVE Campaign echoes the voices of millions
who anxiously await the premiere of Roswell on SCI FI!
They are currently raising funds to place an ad in
Variety magazine to increase awareness of, and
generate publicity for, SCI FI’s reairing of the full
three seasons of the series. It is hoped that millions
of new fans will join our family and help to convince
SCI FI to continue this wonderful story in some way.
Don’t miss the magic! Watch Roswell, premiering on the
SCI FI Channel, Jan. 13, 2002!

Carol Hagerman