Colin Featured In Denver Post

Thanks to K for this :)

There was an article in the Denver Post today (1/8) about Colin Hanks and his new movie, “Orange County”. It is accompinied by a small picture of Colin.

Hanks’ son finds his own way on the job
By Forrest Hartman
Colin hanks may be son to one of America’s most beloved actors, but he’s no clone. In fact, says Colin, he and Dad — Oscar-winner Tom Hanks — rarely talk shop.
“When it comes to acting,” he says, “I’ve got the directory, I’ve got my training, and if I ever need help on something, I’ll go to my college theater professor….I know. I mean you’d think if you had the Encyclopedia Britannica of Acting at home, you’d flip through it now and again, but…”
As his voice trails, it’s obvious the irony isn’t wasted. Still, the 24-year-old star of “Orange County” prefers talking with Dad about more practical matters.
“When I go to (Dad) for advice it’s about the other 50 percent of the job,” he says, “which is handling yourself in public and interviews and that sort of stuff.”
Colin Hanks has done a lot of that lately because “Orange County” is giving him his first shot as a Hollywood leading man. He plays Shaun Brumder, an Orange County, Calif., high school student battling his dysfunctional family and some bad breaks in hopes of attending Stanford University.
“It was so nice to be playing an intelligent character,” Hanks says. “Someone with drive, someone with a passion. It wasn’t just about going to the prom or losing your virginity… . It was about a kid who wants to be a writer, and he thinks the only way he can do it is if he goes to Stanford.”

The article then goes on to talk about the other stars of the play.