Heigl, Appleby & Delfino-Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide

Thanks to RoswellLover2002 for sending this into the Crashdown mailbox

In March 2002’s Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide in the section titled ‘backstage buzz’ there is an article on pgs.58-59 called :

Want the style encounter of a lifetime? Roswell babes Katherine Heigl, Shiri Appleby and Majandra Delfino work supernova-hot styles that are definitely hip, whether your home base is Earth or outer space. The actresses are displaying some cool hair moves this season, designed to reflect how much their characters have grown and changed. “We’re trying to give them a fresher look, coming from a teenage high-school look into more of the young adult look of today,” show stylist Darlene Brumfield told Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide. So what’s happening? Plenty!

(After this introduction, mainly it has a piece about each girl and then a section for each called “steal this look:” and how to fix your hair like them. Each girl has a picture from this season.)