Now! Out of this world – Teen People

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Now! Out of this world
Teen People
New York
Apr 2002

Authors: Jennifer Calonita Smith

Volume: 5

Issue: 3

Start Page: 90

ISSN: 10962832

Copyright Time Incorporated Apr 2002

Full Text:

Feeling alienated about the rerelease of ET: The Extra-Terrestrial? Then
take a look at some of our favorite intergalactic citizens over the past
two decades

ALF (ALF 1986-1990). Personal Data: Short and furry, ALF crashed his spaceship into a suburban garage and wound up living semiamicably with the Tanner family for years. Special Powers: master of the wisecrack and the loud burp. Last Reported Sighting: cohosting a bikini contest on The Cindy Margolis Show.

DICK SOLOMON (3rd Rock from the Sun, 1996-2001). Personal Data: the goofy high commander (played by John lithgow of a team sent to earth to learn about humans. Special Powers: posed as a physics professor for fun. Last Reported Sighting: in a convertible with Sally, Harry and Tommy, beaming home.

MAX EVANS (Roswell, 1999-). Personal Data: The brooding teen /played by Jason Behr) grew up an earth after his spaceship crash-landed in Roswell, N.Mex. Special Powers: can heal with the the touch of is hand. Last Reported Sighting: wearing a leather motorcycle jacket, searching for his alien son, weekly on UPN.

JAR JAR BINKS (Star Wars: Episode I-The Phantom Menace, 1999).

Personal data: a floppy-eared amphibian who tags along with a Jedi master. Special Powers: provides lousy comic relief in a baffling accent. Last Reported Sighting: on the set of Star Wars: Episode II-Attack of the Clones (May 16).

PLATO (Sony Walkman ads, 2000-2001). Personal Data: The blue pitchman has plugged portable audio equipment in college and while weighing in with the wrestling team. Special Powers: entices us to not flip the channel. Last Reported Sighting: slamming Olympic champ Rulon Gardner while jamming to his CD player.