‘As If,’ ‘Random Years’ Off UPN Schedule

A new Roswell episode will air on April 23, 2002. This information can be found on

‘As If,’ ‘Random Years’ Off UPN Schedule

Thursday, March 21, 2002

10:00 PM PT
UPN’s stab at hip twentysomething comedy has apparently missed its mark.

The midseason comedies “As If” and “The Random Years” have both been placed on hiatus. They’ll be replaced at 9 p.m. ET Tuesday (March 26) by a repeat of the premiere of “Under One Roof,” UPN’s new reality series.

The two shows have performed very poorly in the Nielsen ratings, with “As If” averaging only a 1.1/2 in its two broadcasts and “Random Years” drawing only a 1.0/2. They’re the two lowest-rated shows on any of the six broadcast networks this season.

On Tuesday, March 12, the two shows aveaged about 1.4 million viewers, losing two-thirds of the audience from their lead-in, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” The two shows were getting a tryout in the post-“Buffy” slot usually occupied by “Roswell,” which is set to return April 23.

“Roswell” has struggled in the ratings some this season as well, airing in perhaps the most competitive hour of the week. But it still averaged almost double the rating (2.0/3) and twice the number of total viewers (3 million) of “As If” and “The Random Years.”