Is Roswell Canceled?

Thanks to cousin T for sending this in.

From SyFy Portal:

There are some new reports this week on the future of “Roswell” on UPN. Of course, none of them give any definitive answers on what’s happening on the series.

Majandra Delfino (Maria DeLuca) hinted on her official Web site last week that the show has been canceled by the network.

“News is (that) UPN has ordered the sets to be struck. (Bad) sign for you ‘Roswell’ lovers. So I may be out of a job,” Delfino said. “Those 14-hour dayus for nine months straight did get a little taxing, so I’m looking forward to taking it easy.”

Apparently, if the show is canceled, it would be good news to Delfino.

“The TV thing was fun and I did it to know what it was like to doa drama, but my curiosity has been fed and now I’m gonna go back to what I know I like for sure. I think almost everybody else in the cast feels the same.

“While to many ‘Roswell’ was a joyful thing to tune into once a week for an hour, those of us behind the scenes saw it as very much a job, so we can’t help but look at it as just that.”

But William Sadler (Jim Valenti) has a different take on what’s going on. Dark Horizons said that the actor revealed the show has not been canceled despite the deconstruction talk, but it is “getting an overhaul.”

Still no official work from UPN or Fox Television on the fate of the series, which did receive its full back-season order of episodes more than a month ago.