Roswell/FSMA Car Wash

Thanks to Evansgirl for sending this in. She will let us know more as the exact location and time details come in:

Hi everybody! Well, we don’t have much time, but I think we can do a great job with the car wash and the banners. Here’s some info for you guys, and yes, those of you who live far away, I can definitely use your help too, so keep reading:

I contacted the local director for the FSMA. I got a message back from her, and later talked to her husband (I believe) who says he knows Garrett and actually gave him some of their sons equipment. I told them we needed some help with a location, so I will probably be talking to them again tomorrow
(Monday). Oh, and he said he works for CNN and was very impressed with how we have saved Roswell in the past, and with how much we are helping FSMA.

The car wash will be in LA on Saturday, April 20. We are still working on the exact location. I am guessing we will be having it from around 9 or 10 am until 2 or 3pm. Atleast that’s how it looks at this point. So, if you live at all nearby, or know people who do, come out (or send others) and help us, or at least get your car washed.

Now, as for the banners. The plan is to make them no later than Thursday. Those of us out here will deliver them on Friday, April 19 during the day. We will also take flyers about the car wash when we deliver the banners so that we can try to get more people to come get cars washed and raise more money for FSMA.

–> All right, I need you all to help me with the banners now. I have gotten a few people sending me pics to put on the banner, but not nearly enough. I want to blow them away by how many fans from all over are behind the show. So let’s really work at getting the word spread.

**** I need 3×5 or 4×6 pictures e-mailed to me at by Thursday morning at the latest.

**** Also, if you want to include a short message to put with your picture, feel free to do so.

**** Also, in the e-mail to me, please let me know your name, if you want it on the banner, if you want your posting name to tell me that, and let me know where you are from, so we can show them that there are fans all over who still love Roswell!

**** If there is no way you can e-mail me a pic, let me know at the above e-mail address and I can get you a snail mail addy to send it to, but you’d have to hurry.

**** get as many friends or family members as you can to participate also, okay. Let’s really make an impact.

My plan is to get banners to UPN, CBS, Twentieth Century Fox, Katims (if possible), and the UPN news in LA (they have been doing stories on Roswell after the last few eps, and hopefully they will promote the car wash a little too). I will also be mailing a banner to the Sci Fi Channel.

My idea for the banner is to put a big message in the middle, something thanking them for Roswell, and mentioning we want another season. Then I want to fill it with pictures and messages from fans. I also am going to put a Snapple and Tabasco label on each. Also, I want to include some of the alien symbols from the show, if any fans send me their pics at filming locations or with the actors I will add those. I’ll definitely take pics of the banners and get them posted. The more I have to put on them, the bigger I’ll make them.

The more fans I can include, the more support it shows. Plus, pictures are great because it’s an actual person they are seeing, not just written things from everyone that I could have made up myself.

Okay the e-mail addy again to send me pics, thoughts, or ask any questions

Oh, and if you are planning to go with us on Friday during the day to deliver banners, or if you can make it out to the car wash, please also let me know at that e-mail addy so we can see how things are looking, okay.

As far as getting the the Laker Girls out there to help us goes. It will all depend on playoffs. The first game for the Lakers is either the 20th or the 21st. So, if they can make it, I’m sure they will. Only problem is the may not know until the 18th. So, whatever happens it will be last minute. Everyone keep your fingers crossed that they will have the game on the 21st, okay!

Thanks again everyone. Let’s do what we do best–raise money and rally behind our show!!!!! Take Care guys!