Sci Fi Wire: Roswell returns For Last Time (Spoilers)

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Roswell Returns For Last Time
Jason Katims, executive producer of UPN’s teen alien series Roswell, offered SCI FI Wire a sneak peek at the upcoming series-ending story arc, which kicks off April 23 at 9 p.m. ET/PT with the first of several new episodes. “For the finale, … [producer] Ron [Moore] and I … wanted to make sure that we brought the series to a satisfying conclusion. So over the last few episodes, we tried to resolve as many loose ends as we could. In the final episode, we really focused on what we thought was the most important question, which is, where are they headed? What’s going to become of them? And are they going to move forward in this world as a group or separately? And that means both in terms of the group that has formed between these human kids and alien kids, and it also means each individual relationship. And in that final episode we try to focus on both of those things.”
Katims added, “One thing is that … we wanted … in this final episode … [to] bookend the show with … how the series started. So we returned to Liz’s [Shiri Appleby] voiceover. … I think it gives the episode a sort of nostalgic feeling. And we also returned to Max and Liz as the central relationship in this final episode, as I sort of feel that is the central relationship of the series. I’ve always thought that. And so Max and Liz are very much front and center, and in the episode, … the question about where they’re headed and what their future will be is very clearly answered.” Roswell’s series finale airs May 14.