Yet Another US and Around the World Update


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While it seems it comes too late for Roswell to be saved, there is now a way to watch Roswell in the Central Illinois (Springfield) area with a new UPN station. Formerly, WB23 was playing Buffy and Enterprise, but not Roswell. Now a new UPN station has started and all the UPN shows will be airing in their normal time slots. I plant to try to catch up on the last few episodes after missing all the rest of season 3 and it’ll help if more people in the area watch and make the ratings go up a bit.

The station is broadcast as channel 49, and it’s 96 on the local digital cable.


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In Massachusetts, Roswell was delayed because of the NHL playoffs. “Who
died and made you king?” will air on Saturday, April 27th at nine p.m.

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i went to UPN38’s website here in Boston, and they will air Roswell this
Satruday April 27 at 9pm since there’s a hockey game on right now. Oh well,
i guess us bostonians will just have to wait some more!!


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Hello! Orlando Florida Roswell fans will not be able to see the new Roswell episode on 4/23 due to the Magic Playoff game. Instead the Roswell episode will be aired on Sunday 4/28 at 9.

Fans can go here to check it out.



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I just wanted to let everyone know that I contacted The Space Station in Canada and after October Roswell will no longer be available on any Canadian station. The Sci fi network is currently unavailable because according to them Space and Sci fi are basically the same. I just thought it might help if Canadian fans wrote e-mails or letters to the space station and let them know that there are a lot of people interested in watching Roswell reruns they would re consider and renew their contract

the website is

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I was listening to UPN tonight and during the “Stanley Cups finals” they annonce that the next game will take place April 23th at 7h00pm! So they move “Buffy” and the return of “Roswell”, Saturday April 27 at 8h00pm and 9h00pm respectivily!

I could’nt believe it! We wait two months for that show and they re-scheduled it!

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Just thought I let you know in Canada the last 4 episodes will air at
8:00pm ET Tuesday nights Instead of 8:00 pm ET monday nights starting
Apr 23. This will probably be across Canada as this information was
taken from CityTV they own many stations across the country as well as
the canadian space network. As for the show it’s been great the three
seasons it’s been on too bad it’s not coming back. Speaking for many
canadians this show will be greatly missed in Canada.

CityTV Roswell web site

They also have a small message board


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Just wanted to let you know that Roswell is aired every Sunday at 6 pm on
TV2 Zulu (next episode is “Behind the Music”), and that TV2 (not TV2 Zulu)
will resend the second season in August.


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Just to let you know I have received an e-mail from Sky 1 in England and
Roswell Season 3 will begin on Thursday 6 June at 8.00pm on Sky 1! Can’t

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Thought you might want to know that Roswell season 3 is to begin on Sky1 on Thursday 6th June 2002. If you check Sky digital text page 608 you’ll find the information there.

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Just thought I’d let you know that Sky One (English channel) have announced that they will be showing Roswell Season 3 from June 6th. Confirmation of this can be found by British viewers on Sky One’s letters page on Teletext.

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Just read this month issue of expose, and Roswell serie 3 will be showing on Sky One in the U.K from June and July when the serie Mutants X will be ending. So let all our UK fans know about it.


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Hi, just an info for all the german fans:

The Roswell OST will be released in Germany on May 6th, 2002.
It’s already available for preorder at for EUR 16,99.

Pro7 – the channel airing Roswell in Germany will rerun Season 1 startin May 4 – and then air Season 3 on October 5, 2002

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Hi, I just saw that you informed people about Roswell on TV cross the world. Would please add that in Germany Roswell starts with reruns May 4th, 2002. It starts with the Pilot and we get to see the third season by October. :)


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i know you got some stuff about
Hong Kong TV showing Roswell and it shows on two channels here, one’s a
cable channel Star World (Thursdays, 8pm thats 8am EST) they’re currently
showing repeats of season one, and on tuesdays at 8.30 pm (8.30 am EST) on a
local station TVB pearl, we’re currently towards the end of the second
season, this tuesday they’re showing Baby It’s You…

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Here, in Hong Kong, Roswell is on TV every Tuesday at 8:30pm on TVB Pearl.
While you, USA are going to show season 3 “Who Died and Made You King?” on
coming Tue, we are still in season 2 and waiting for “Baby, it’s you!”


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i found a subsite of Roswell in the japanese broadcasting company’s
(NHK) main site. its in japanese though.

NHK Website


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Just thought the fans might like to know that New Zealand will be seeing the
final episodes just a week after the U.S. airs them and sharing in the
disappointment at the show’s demise.
The show airs on TV2 each Tuesday at 8.30pm.


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Here at Venezuela ROswell airs in two channels Fox and the national channel “Televen”, on fox there season 2 ever day a 2pm, and season 3 three times a week Saturday,SUnday and Wednesday, then on “Televen” in the afternoon we have season 1, and thursdays season two :)