Roswell the Final Chapter: seeking your input

Meghan, one of the people who runs the RTFC site, asked us to post this notice.

Roswell: The Final Chapter ( would like to enlist the help of all Roswell fans in deciding the fate of our Season 4. To send us your ideas please e-mail us at with the subject “season 4 ideas”. We’re interested in your input and hope to have your ideas play a role in season 4.

We are interested in your ideas for the overall direction of the season, the relationships among characters, whether to bring back past characters, and the location of the group (i.e., Roswell, College, or on the run). Any other ideas, plot developments, and input is also welcome. Please clearly state your ideas so that they are understandable to the whole staff, this means proofing them and using proper English. Thank you for all your time and effort. Don’t forget to read the first episode, June 1.