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Shiri in Nov 2002 Movieline

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Movieline, Nov 2002, p. 92 Shiri Appleby named among

“The Most Likely to Succeed” by Lonny Pugh

The top up-and-coming 20 who may soon be breaking on through to the other side.

The Girl Next Door

After good work as the earnest-earthline-in-love-with-an-alien on the rocky series “Roswell,” which finally fizzled after its third year, Shiri Appleby needed a vehicle to show what else she could do. Her film “A Time for Dancing” never made it to the screen. But then another film, “Swimfan,” in which the 23-year-old actress played a girlfriend role not too far removed from her familiar “Roswell” stint, became a modest success. Though it was the young star from Steven Soderbergh’s “Traffic,” Erika Christensen, who had the showy part of a jilted psycho, it was Appleby’s turn as the girl done wrong by Jesse Bradford’s dalliance with Christensen that ultimately lent the film its heart and gravity. Appleby’s character came off as good but not dopey, genuine but conflicted and endearing rather than annoying. It wasn’t a flashy performance, but a generous, credible one – the kind a good director would notice and remember the next time he or she needed a fresh presence in a role that called for unmannered technique.