Roswell Movie Campaign

Thanks to Silver Scooby for this!

“From now on, the future is to be determined…we create our own destiny.” These words were spoken by Jason Behr, portraying his character Max Evans in the infamous episode of Roswell, ‘The End of the World’. These words scripted by Jason Katims himself, could be considered parallel to what he had said over one year later, “I thought it was dead right after UPN cancelled it and somebody called me asking about who owns the film rights. People have brought that up…it’s Roswell and I’ve been surprised before.” In this interview with Cult Times, he stated how passionate the fans were and always have been.

So, it is now up to us, the fans, to “create our own destiny” by means of the show’s revival through a film. I am not here to bore you with what we should do, and what we can do, I am here to ask for your help in what we will do. As you are probably aware, many fans were not as fervent about the second or third season, as they were the first. We need all the support we can get, from older fans to newer fans, and to do this, we must spark the interest of those who have fallen away from their love of the show. This means targeting not only the FOX studios, but also the first season writers such as David Nutter and Thania St. John for their help, support and time to dedicate to the first Roswell feature film.

By reinvigorating fans, we will have a larger backing in which we will need to accomplish our next assignment: We must let FOX, Jason Katims, and the Sci-Fi Channel know that we will not be halted by any means. In another interview, JK stated that they must arouse public interest, and what better way to do this than by means of the fans that have already given so much for the show they love. We have already made headlines, and we will do it again.

But how? This is where your assistance is needed. I need a team of 25+ members to take place in making history with the show they love. Lists of jobs in which you are welcomed to sign up for are below.

Yes, this is a possibility. Yes, with your help and determination, we can achieve our goal. Without your help though, Roswell will never make its way to the big screen. If you once believed in this show, then make another effort to fight for what you want. Please take a look at the positions (below), and make a difference. E-mail me at , or reply to the FanForum thread at:

JOBS – More Details When Receive Response

Co-President: I am in desperate need of a collaborator who has been affiliated in a medium to large way with campaigns in the past. This person will help me moderate group members, as well as work with me one-on-one to make this dream a reality. Greatly needed. More information to come with response. Up to 3 positions allowed.

There will be 3 separate boards. 8 will be assigned to work with gaining the interest of the first season writers, and another 9 will be promoted to create unique ways of gaining FOX’s attention, as well as the others in authority. The last board will be free for discussion to the public, and their own ideas.

I am working with someone who has agreed to create an official website. However, I will need a web-host and a domain name issued. I am unaware if fees will be required, someone will need to find an affordable, if not free, host as well as a registered name such as , as their participation.

EGROUP Moderator: Someone who has worked, or is willing to learn, the basic training of egroup discussions by means of e-mail.

2 will be asked to moderate the message boards which will be found at our official site to open.


Thank you for your time.