LeadingMajandra Delfino

Majandra answers fan questions from her message board..

TeflonChica asks:
Can you drive stick? If so, who taught you? If not, would you like to?

What’s the last movie you saw?

I dont drive stick but I can drive a motorcycle, for some reason I get the gear changing thing on that. I guess I am better with subtle shifting as opposed to manuel/complicated/car shifting.
Last movie I saw was Mommie Dearest.

I think you mentioned once that you didn’t like your singing voice to be used in the Roswell scripts. Now, if you were to be approached with a musical, like Chicago and Moulin Rouge…. the big budget kinds, would you take the role or not?

If I was already an established singer (such as miss queen latifah) I would definitely do it. I just dont like when people think acting came first then I started singing. It’s wrong information about me, and no one is a fan of misunderstanding about themselves floating around .

Veronica asks:

Are you still working on your new CD? And do you know when it might be coming out? Y gracias por responder nuestras preguntas

Still working on it but I dont have a date yet for it’s arrival.

The Maria asks:

what’s your favorite part about being a musician, writing your songs, recording them, or performing them and sharing them with others?

I’d have to say I love all aspects of it in different ways. One no more than the other, they all have their perks.

kateafur asks:

I know you’re a big My So-Called Life fan, so I was just wondering what your favorite episode or moment from the show was. And also, did you buy the show on DVD yet?

I was a huge my-so-called-life fan. Uh not to the point of buying the DVD yet, although that would be cool. My favorite moment was when Jordan grabbed her hand in the hallway in front of everyone. He had such cool-guy issues that it was nice to see him rise above it for Angela.

Josh’sTexasGal asks:

Just wanted to say i’m very sad I won’t be attending the LA show and wanted to know if she plans to make it down to Austin, Texas to do a show. It is known as the Music Capital of the World. I know you’d totally be welcome there! Take care and I also look forward to a new cd.

I hope to have a situation where I can visit all the major cities very soon, Austin Texas being one of them of course.

ericag1 asks:

How are things going with you?

Good. Although Im dissatisfied as I’ve yet to have some real good fried chicken Erica Style.

ok 2 questions here:

1. If you had the opportunity or the chance to have your own concert tour, what would the tour name be? and who would be the opening act?

I dont know what the name would be, but I would love to have the opening act be, God what a question because it definitely belittles the person who opens for ME (since I am not a huge music star by any means) But if I was as big as The Beatles and I could have ANYONE open for me I would have to say Sci-Fi Lullaby, and not just on the westside-they’re have to tour with me the whole way.

2.My friends and i will be in LA .. in May and in August, any chance of having another concert any around those times?

After last night, it seems possible. Very possible actually.

FrenchMajandra asks:

I would like to know if another concert in Paris is still a topical event? I was at the first one and it was really great and the magazine people who organised the first one said you wanted to do a bigger show now, so I’m even more eager to see it. Will it be soon or are you going to wait for your new CD to be released first?

Oh, and how did you like your French fans and Paris?

Yes, I am scheduled to do a duet with a singer named Robert (im a big fan of hers)-If this works out I will be in Paris promoting the duet single and probably doing some kind of performances with her.

Candy Sparkle asks:

I’ve heard you’re coming over to England in May for a sci-fi convention which unfortunately I’m not able to attend. Anyway, I’d like to know if you’re planning on performing any concerts in the UK in the near future.

I am hoping to get a concert together in May while I visit for a short trip to the UK. Something is in the works although no definite date has been set. I will post when I know.

~ Didi ~ asks:

what are you doing now?? Working on your CD, or is there a new movie or are you just enjoying life??

I am working on my music and therefor I am definitely enjoying life.

alli balli asks:

1. Who’s your favorite Beatle?
Ringo-JUST KIDDING. Yoko-Haha KIDDING. It’s John, in all seriousness. He brings the tortured thing to the beatles that separates them from just being happy and poppy.

2. What color are your nails at the moment
They are a vanilla color. The color is actually called: Vanilla-zuela…get it? Like Venezuela, hehe-I love it. It’s really meant to be me and this nail color. I love the color and then it just happened to be named that-true love no?

NoirFemme asks:

Hey Majandra,here are my q’s and a’s

1. How do you feel about the so-called “Neo-Lillith fair” that’s been going on in the past year(Norah Jones,Michelle Branch,Vanessa Carlton,Avril Lavigne,etc)?

Well I find it sad to put all those artist in the same category it’s like putting “David Gray, Matchbox 20, Dave Matthews and Blink 182 all in the same category. Which they definitely are not. People chalk it up to a girl thing-like they’re all the same because they write their own stuff and sing it and are female. It’s sad and disappointing that we still have not got past that in the industry. In fact someone said to me “this is a really good time for you to come out because female musicians are back in style”
When do male musicians go in and out of style? Never, their place in the business is solid.

2. At this point in your career would you want the backing and security of a major record deal?

I would love the security but I dont need the opinions or creative input of a major label. They dont tend to think in the most artistic of ways. They are all about the dollar signs. As they should be.

ericag1 asks:

Ok, Since i will be in LA in this spring and Summer, where is the best place to go dancing?

And do you have any reccomendations at to where i can get some good buys to go shopping?

Hmm Erica, dancing….I dont really know I am not the girl for that. But food I can tell you about. Sushiya on sunset-delicious sushi. Le Petit Four on sunset (right next to Sushiya) great French food and reasonably priced considering. Shopping-it’s all about the Beverly center for me, it’s a mall yes but it’s got quite a selection. Plus I prefer to get it all done with in one trip hehe.

MacFan asks:

It has probably been already asked. But what role or character would you prefer to portray in a movie at this moment? And what kind of film (horror, love story, thriller, musical, historical,…)? I would love to do a period piece. I would love to get paid to kiss Johnny Depp. That’s about all I could ask for in my acting career, I would retire satisfied as nothing could top such an experience. Tee hee. Seriously though, I just want to do something set in the medieval times. That would be stellar.