Roswell Postcards To Thank SciFi Channel

From RoswellMouse:

In 2002, when Roswell was canceled, fans feared that it was the end. There would be no re-runs because the show lacked the 100 episodes needed to go into syndication.

There was light on the horizon, however. Sci Fi channel saw the wisdom in taking the “show-that-could” on. We were given a time slot in their line-up every day. Roswell fans rejoiced!

Within a few months, ratings dropped, and Roswell was relegated to daytime rotation. This, of course, did not please the fans!

Well, my friends, we’re back! Starting Jun 28, Roswell returns to the Sci Fi Channel’s daily line-up airing at 4 PM EST. Moreover, Sci FI tells that as long as the fans are watching, they will keep it there.

They deserve our gratitude, and that’s what this page is for. Below you will find some Thank You cards and two addresses to send them to. We’d love it if you’d send them to both, but even if you just choose one address and one card to send to it, you’ve done a good thing.

Even fans who don’t get Sci Fi can contribute. The more people, the bigger statement we make. It may help your cause in getting Roswell back in your area.

We’d like to have them sent as soon as possible so that they get to Sci Fi in time for the airing of the Pilot on Jun 28th.

Here’s the link to the page .

Now, go mail in those cards!!

Jodi Moore