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David Nutter: Letter to the roswell fans

David Nutter posted a letter to the roswell fans on the read it here:

October 26, 2004

To The Fans Of ROSWELL:

I would like to thank all the many fans of ROSWELL, young and old, American and International, for their superlative support of a possible Film of the Series, and let you know that I have personally spoken to Dana Walden and Gary Newman (Co-Presidents at Fox Television), as well as Robin Schwartz (President of Regency Television) These are the people that could make it all happen. To emphasize that my interest and the support of the fans is not only still present, but growing by the day. They are well aware of the support level for this and also want to make it happen. I will help in every way that I can.

And now that the DVD release of ROSWELL has increased the show’s fan base even more exponentially, I have afavor that I must ask of you.

So many of you have written to me “Because a boy loved a girl, the world will never be the same.” and”How one touch changed your lives.”

Roswell changed my life as well. Now I ask every fan of Roswell to cast one vote for hope in a better tomorrow. Please vote for John Kerry for President. Now is a time not to be fearful but as Max simply stepped forward to save Liz, you too can help to save this country and this world. It just takes a vote. As each letter for the Roswell movie has and will continue to make it a reality, your vote will do the same. As many of you have written to me because you cared so much I ask you to Vote on November 2nd. Those of you around the world this election matters,

Vote For John Kerry!!

Thank You
David Nutter
Director of the Roswell Pilot