Informations about Sara Downing’s new project

Sara Downing plays a surfer girl in the independent movie “Devil Inside”. It was filmed in Ensenada Baja, Mexico in November 2004 and is now in post production.

The story of this horror movie was written by Robert Shaw and Joaquin Perea (directed by J. Perea) and produced by Danny Rodriguez. The cast includes Danny Trejo, Elika Crespo, Louis Freese, Alex A. Quinn and more. “The Gringo Gazette North” wrote about Sara:

Sara Downing plays a surfer girl who washes up on the beach after getting caught in a riptide. But Downing said with a wink, “Maybe I have a secret identity?.”

This is the summary:

An abandoned Baja resort is owned by a powerful drug dealer, who has stashed loads of coccaine in a secret location. Extremely paranoid, the dealer hires a scientist to create a horrifying monster to guard the drugs. Nobody has dared to approach the place for many years, until one day, various people start appearing there, for apparently innocent reasons.

On the official Website of Alex Quinn I found a link to an article about the movie with a picture of Sara Downing and co-star Danny Trejo. Click here.