The DVD Features of the “Le Prince Bleu” Box

On RoBERT’s official website there are some more news about the DVD “Le prince bleu”. You can find it in the “Boutique” now and on the news page are more information about it.

According to this the DVD can be pre ordered and it will be forwarded on December 5. It costs EUR 14,50 and the collector box contains two discs:

A Maxi CD with the following tracklist:
1. Single Version
2. Arthelius (instrumental)
3. Harpsichord
4. Englishe Version
5. English and turkish Version
6. RoBERTs Version of “Le prince bleu” from her album “Celle qui tue”

On the DVD you can find:
– 5 alternative Versiones
– Story Board
– Layout and digital paintings

This DVD is provided to be for the international marked. Because of that it’s designed for “all zones”. PAL for France and NTSC for all others.