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New diary entry at Majandra.com: Identity Theft sucks

November 25, 2005
Identity Theft sucks

So my lovely dearest ToM notified me with the most disturbing e-mail of someone on “MySpace.com” pretending to be me. What’s so upseting is the people that are believing I would post myself on mySpace and responding to the site and giving honest and wonderful posts regarding my music and ME. It’s so terrible and dishonest of this person to take advantage of my amazing, wonderful, magical fans and friends. I hope that no one is being taken advantage and it is my sincerest apologies if anyone has been misled or disapointed. So here it is from my mouth: I am not on MySpace (never will be) and please disregard this person who is wrongly pretend to be me and messing with everyone who is responding. My attorny is taking care of it and promises to remedy the situation immedietly. Once again guys I am sorry. Such is life. And if the identity theft person is reading this: FYI-get your facts straight, no one but like one person calls me Mo, and “Mo” would never be on MySpace, I have my own website for that dingbat.

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