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Posted by Brendan
December 17, 2005

I’ve received quite a number of fan mail recently and besides wanting to “bed” me, it seems the most popular request is for me to update my site more recently. Well I’m here to say no way. Wait… aww crap! Too late. I want to thank all you guys for writing in and for supporting me in my endeavors. I do appreciate it very much but though I have been busy, not a lot in the way of stuff to update you guys about. Who knows about The Long Weekend? That is still trying to find distribution. Everyone write in to Gold Circle Films and tell’em to get’er done. The Comeback Season is hopefully going to be shown at next years Toronto Film Festival. The Fifth Patient is coming together nicely I hear and they as well might be looking to premiere it in Toronto which would be very cool. As far as CSI goes, I will be in episodes 12 and 13, I miss out on 14 but then 15 I hear will be a treat for anyone who can stand to watch more than one scene of mine. Well 13 will be good for that too, but I think 15 (even though I haven’t read it yet but from what I hear) will be a milestone of sorts for the wonderful character of Mr. Daniel Cooper, at least in his fan’s eyes. I want to again thank you guys for everything and wish you a Happy Holidays. Enjoy.