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Katherine Attends “27 Dresses” Premiere & On Britney Spears

On Monday, the premiere of “27 Dresses” took place in Los Angeles at The Mann Village. Katherine attended the premiere with her husband Josh Kelley. Other guests in attendance were T.R. Knight, Ellen Pompeo, Jennifer Love Hewitt or Katherine’s mother Nancy.

You can find a picture gallery on MTV as well as an interview clip in which MTV asked Katherine about Britney Spears:

“I can’t possibly imagine what that young girl is going through. It’s so beyond my realm of understanding.” she says. “All I can wish for her is compassion — is that people maybe will just back off and leave her alone and let her get through whatever it is she’s going through quietly — which will never happen and is a stupid, silly pipe dream. But I just hope in the process that even with all this attention people can find it in their hearts to be compassionate and not so judgmental. She is obviously in a great deal of drama and pain and that’s a horrible thing to go through in front of the whole world and I’m sorry for her.”

Watch the video: Katherine Heigl On Britney Spears’ Turmoil: ‘Leave Her Alone!’

The same video has been published on the MTV Blog page. But it’s a little bigger.