“Senseless” screening at FF in Brussel

The “26th Annual International Festival Of Fantastic Film” takes place in Brussel in April. Jason’s movie “Senseless” is scheduled to be screened on April 2, 2008. The festival runs March 21 – April 8.

Visit the “Senseless” page at bifff.org:

Senseless, by director Simon Hynd, presents us with one of the most shocking and thought-provoking reality shows ever seen. In this intense thriller, where desperation and pain become the new currency, a raw view is exposed of commercialism, capitalism and the American Dream according to a new order of radical extremists. Jason Behr (The Grude, Skinwalkers, The Tattooist) is terrific as Elliot Gast, a man who is forced to question his entire life to find out why he became the star and victim in this global online freak show. With Emma Catherwood (My Kingdom, Spirit Trap) and Joe Ferrara (Splinter, Elizabeth : The Golden Age) as his tormentors.