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Brendan Fehr kicks butt in “Samurai Girl”

On the official ABC website of “Samurai Girl” some first pictures of Brendan as teacher of the Samurai Girl Jamie Chung were added. In addition, you can learn more about this mini series in the blog on the site.

To read the entry about Brendan follow this link: Brendan Fehr kicks butt in “Samurai Girl”

Posted July 14, 2008

When we say Brendan Fehr kicks major butt in “Samurai Girl,” we mean that literally, and in the “OMG, he is so majorly hot” sense of the word. Brendan plays sensei, or teacher, to the Samurai Girl herself, Jamie. (More power to her, because we wouldn’t be able to concentrate. Anyway … )
So where else have you laid eyes on Brendan? Hmmm … maybe on “CSI: Miami,” where he fights crime in a more buttoned-down way as Dan Cooper. He also played Michael on the cult fave “Roswell,” a role that won him two Teen Choice Award nominations as “Choice Sidekick.” Brendan’s been in a ton of other stuff, too, like “Final Destination,” “Sugar,” “The Other Side of the Tracks,” “Biker Boyz,” “The Long Weekend,” “Comeback Season,” and the upcoming “Paddyville” (not yet rated).

Would you rather have Brendan as a teacher or a boyfriend?

ABC series description:

The series is about a 19-year old japanese girl named Heaven, who discovers that the wealthy businessman who adopted her as an infant is the head of the Yakuza (the japanese mafia) and may have had her beloved brother murdered. Heaven breaks from her family and begins training to become a samurai. With the help of her adoptive fathers’s evil empire. The ensemble cast includes Jamie Chung (Greek), Brendan Fehr (Roswell), Saige Thompson, Kyle Labine, Anthony Brandon Wong, Steven Brand, and Kenneth Choi.