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Samurai Girl for non USA

If you are interesting in watching Brendan’s new project “Samurai Girl” even if you’re living outside the USA, check his official website to find out more.

His post can be found here: Samurai Girl for non USA

Posted by Brendan Fehr

August 20, 2008

Just a quick hit here and I could be wrong but please check it out. Unless you have US satellite you will not be able to watch Samurai Girl. However if you are interested (and some of these facts may not be quite accurate but it’s something like this), the first hour of the show is going to be available on iTunes for FREE (I think) either the day before the show airs or the day of. Once the shows have finished, whether it’s a day by day thing or they wait for the whole series to be over, they will be available for iTunes download. This kind of stuff definitely helps with making this a series and so for those who can’t watch it live you can still see it and do your part! GO SAMURAIS!

I will not guarantee any of this but I’m pretty sure.