Katherine HeiglLeading

People’s Choice Award for “27 Dresses”

Katherine Heigl accepted the trophy for best comedy movie for her “27 Dresses” at the “35th People’s Choice Awards” yesterday. Congratulations!

“Grey’s Anatomy” was nominated in the favorite tv drama category alongside “House” and “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” and lost against “House”. No luck for Katherine’s collegue Patrick Dempsey, too. Hugh Laurie received the favorite male tv star award.

Katherine told reporters backstage that she wore a pants suit because “it was after the holidays, so I didn’t want to wear anything strapless or anything I had to suck in my stomach for.”

The USA Today article about the awards includes one paragraphs about “Grey’s Anatomy” and another one about Katherine Heigl talking about her characters story line: People’s Choice Awards finds stars in a sharing mood

Grey’s Anatomy actress Chandra Wilson expressed appreciation for fans of the ABC show. “This is Season 5, and we’re just really fortunate to still be in business this season,” Wilson said. “I love the direction that the show has been going so far, and when we come back, we’re about to get into some serious medical drama. We’re also going to do some crossovers with (Grey’s spinoff) Private Practice … because they’ll be moving to Thursday night, so it’s just going to be one big Shondaland fest,” added Wilson, referring to Grey’s executive producer Shonda Rhimes.

Backstage, Wilson’s co-star Katherine Heigl, whose 27 Dresses won favorite movie comedy, talked about the Grey’s story line that has her character in scenes with the ghost of a former love. “It’s so outside of my realm of experience. I’ve never talked to a ghost before. Or had sex with one.”

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