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The press about “Remember Me”

As reported Emilie de Ravin has signed on to the Summit Entertainment project “Remember Me”. She is playing the love interest of Robert Pattinson’s character Tyler Roth.

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We think de Ravin can hold her own against a dreamy vampire heartthrob — assuming ‘Twilight’ fanatics hide their stakes and maintain ample distance, we see an illustrious and boundless career for this budding star. Does she compare to Bella (Kristen Stewart)? We did some research on the blonde beauty, and we like what we see.


The petite blonde debuted in the 1999 film “The Beastmaster” and landed on the WB sci-fi series “Roswell.” She played a pregnant alien.

“Lost” was her big break, again playing preggers as a crash survivor. She left after the 2008 season but will be back, if Rob’s star power doesn’t launch her into the twilight.

So will Emilie capture Rob’s fancy like Kristen has? That remains to be seen, but she will have a chance in “Remember Me” to generate the same on-screen chemistry that made Rob and Kristen enduring symbols of eternal love in “Twilight.”

Shooting will begin on Monday, June 15 in New York. Summit already lists the release date of the film on their homepage: February 12, 2010

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