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Movieline Interview – Emilie de Ravin

Movieline spoke with Emilie de Ravin on “Remember Me” and her role. In addition “Lost” was a topic in this interview.

Ally is a character much younger than yourself — still in college, living at home, answerable to her father. Was there something about that age or that scenario that you wanted to revisit and address as an actor?
I don’t know about age. It’s just that she’s so complex. In a way you can look at her and say, “Well, she’s just this normal girl.” But what’s normal? I don’t think anyone’s quite quote-unquote normal. She’s obviously dealing with so much, and I think that a lot of her quite prominent personality traits stem from losing her mother at a young age. Therefore she’s adamant about honesty and not taking crap from anyone, and living life to its fullest. And not living in the past — not necessarily forgetting the past, but being able to move on and live and not be afraid of living. She also just has this thing about her that inspires people around her. She’s fun! But she’s also gutsy and sarcastic and quirky. There are so many elements to her that I fell in love with.


What percentage of your experience on Lost would you estimate has been spent wearing wigs?
Well, now I’m very glad I wear a wig. I wouldn’t want my hair to look like that — all dreadlocks and dirt and gnats. But I suppose ever since I cut my hair in Season… Three? If I recall?

Australian cinema is going through quite the renaissance right now. Do you follow the industry back home or ever want to take on a project there?
I do, or I try to. And yes, I would love to work back home. I really would. Obviously it’s all about the project, and there’s not quite the quantity of films that come out of the States. But there’s some really interesting stuff, and we’ve got some really talented people. So… absolutely.


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